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Frost Prime Build



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I am trying to reach a 10k HP Snow Globe (before absorbing enemy damage) so I run Energy Syphon (polarized Aura slot, Corrosive Projection if needed), Vitality/Steel Fiber/Intensify/Streamline/Flow/Rush (maxed), and a 6/10 Blind Rage.Getting a little over 9.7 k HP with this if my math is right. Need a higher ranked Blind Rage or the new Power Strength mod to break the 10k mark ><

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I've been using:


Arcane Squall Helmet

Rejuv or CP or ES aura

Redirection (to stay alive)

Intensify and Steel Fiber (to buff SG)

R4 FE and R4 Streamline (75% efficiency)

Narrow Minded (buff duration)

Stretch (Counter range loss from NM)

Constitution (more duration and knockdown recovery) or Vitality (even more staying alive)


Works rather well for a defensive playstyle, but the reduced range means that Avalanche/Ice Wave are pretty limited. To build more offensively, swap Narrow Minded for another mod (Flow/Vital/a knockdown mod/Natural Talent).


Edit: I wouldn't run with BR (or keep it at R2). Much better to drop a 7k globe for 12.5 energy than a 10.5k globe for 32.5e. Especially given they both have the same 5 second invuln/absorb period.

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