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Archwing Move Up And Move Down Controls Feel Inconsistent


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Archwing controls generally feel great, with the exception of move down. Holding forward and sprint, and then holding move up creates a "pull up" climb that you can freely swing your camera behind you to get a better view of the area. Doing the same thing but holding move down causes your frame to kind of brake in the air, slide downward at a weird angle.


Move up when not sprinting makes your frame move in the direction the top of your head is pointing at, which makes sense in 3d space. Move down makes you move toward your feet when you aren't moving forward, but again causes a weird slide looking brake motion if you're moving forward or backward at all.


Up and down feel really inconsistent with each other, and it seems like I should be able to dive in the same way I can pull up.

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Hit down and sprint without moving forward. You will do a nosedive similar to zephyr. Up and sprint is the same.


You can separate move down and slide maybe, so you go directly into the nose dive while moving forward.


Right, totally get it. I'm referring to just the move forward and down at the same time. Sorry if that wasn't clear. I've found it's a good way to get off axis and dodge missile swarms.

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