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Combat Formation Bravo!


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Or just combat formations in general...


In AW, it's noted that there's a slight disconnect as we zip around space.


I think it would be interesting if archwings had an aura/stance style slot, formations.


A formation wouldn't inherently bonus anything by itself, but would give a team buff to anyone entering in to the formation--it wouldn't be a rigid requirement, but would be useful.


How it'd go:


You'd have a button that activates your formation prompt--this would highlight a location near(relative to, and moving with) you as a sort of green waypoint. If another player reaches it and stays with it for a certain distance(based on formation power), both of you unlock a short-duration boost of some sort. Further, when another player reaches your formation, a new, different waypoint is generated. This process repeats until the entire squad has formed up.


The more formation points occupied, and the longer and more accurately kept they are, the more powerful the buff given. A coordinated squad that doesn't break formation could eventually end up with some godly bonuses, though there might need to be a cap for balance's sake.


The formation bonus would be applied the entire time you're in formation, and have a relative cooldown period during which it still applies afterwards. Rather than the bonus abruptly ending at the end of cooldown, it would drain away from whatever level you achieved down towards 0.


If the formation is recreated before the cooldown expires, it will begin building again at the level it was at in the cool down. Each player's formation bonus is individual--one person messing up will start their cooldown, but will merely slow the bonus rate of other players that remaining in formation


If another player breaks formation, they can offer their own to try and change formations. If players join in a new formation, they get new bonuses of the new formation, and their old bonuses enter cooldown, but, as a bonus to entering a new formation, the cooldown drain rate is halved(and, of course, cool down is thus doubled).


For solo play, the formation would still give a slight bonus upon the signaling, but would achieve nowhere near the levels of power that an actual formation would have.


This would give AW's a dimension of team play that many players don't feel right now, and allow for some interesting game dynamics, particularly in large/unusual formations(imagine, for example, an ambush-themed formation that spaces the tenno out in a Y shape with each leg of the Y being 100+ meters long.)

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Sounds like a forced teamplay thing, and precision Archwing movement is tricky at best.


In addition, Interception almost requires the team to split up, so this would almost never be used.


And besides, Combat Formation Bravo already exists:


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   I like the idea. Would be way fun with friends. I would like whatever bonus happened to adjust to whether or not your going with a full team, solo, or somewhere in-between.

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