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Sigils And Reputation Bonus


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Looks like some serious thought might be going into adding reputation bonus into Sigils of higher ranks.


Any chance this bonus could be included with the purchase of the Sigils yet not binded to that Sigil?


So the player could use any Sigil of that faction and still get the bonus from the highest ranked Sigil that they've grinded for.


What about having members of the syndicate along with the syndicate leader refer to you by your highest rank sigil or just rank?


Or do they do that already?  I haven't actually bought sigils other than the starter ones.

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Well the sigil reputation bonuses have been around for a while now.  I would still like to see them seperated from the sigil itself.  For example, buying the top tier sigil allows that sigil to be used but also applies a 15% bonus to all that factions sigils instead of just that one sigil.

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