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Constant Video Crashing


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Trying to play in either fullscreen or borderless fullscreen ends up w/ either a black screen, or the video ceases updating.  The game is still running, but the video is not updating to show what is happening.  


This is on a rather high spec machine & was not a problem I had last time I played before today.


Windows 8.1

I7 5960X



2560x1600 resolution


Video driver is 344.11.


I normally have my video card OC'd, but I did try dialing the card back to default with no change.  This has happened multiple times & has prevented me from being able to even select a mission.  


The game will not even launch properly in fullscreen (no video ever renders) & I have to set it to windowed in the launcher to even be able to get into the game to change the setting to something usable.


If anyone has a fix, or if there is anything else that anyone from DE needs to try to diagnose, let me know.

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