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Weapons Worth Getting?




Just wondering what you guys think would be some good weapons worth getting.

Atm I have:

- Paris Prime

- Boltor Prime

- Penta

- Soma

- Kunai

- Angstram

- Bo Prime

- Reaper Prime

- Orthos Prime 


What weapons are fun as arch wings to use?

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That build might not be the best now with the new +Range mod still playing around with it to see.

The increased range would add to its versatility, but not its practicality. It'll still be one of those guns that you need to get close with to deal maximum damage. While the range mod would help, there's no mod that I would remove to fit it. This overall build will give you decent damage per shot while still balancing the ammo problem well enough.

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Dread has been my favorite overall.


Amprex was fun and Tiberon I liked quite a lot. I didn't install a catalyst on the Tiberon though so I don't know how good it can actually get but it's one weapon I'm keeping tabs on. And if it turns out to be crap, probably wont care, still fun to use.


For secondaries I liked the akmagnus and akvastos, probably the magnus' more.


Serro for melee, it's crazy good imo. Maybe not top tier but I loved it, you just plough through enemies like they're nothing.

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I like to have at least one of the following type of weapons for both primaries and secondaries, just for the fun of it:  Bullet Hose, M1Garand, One Shotter, AoE, Silent.


An example would be:

Primary Bullet Hose, Grakata

Primary M1Garand, Latron

Primary One Shotter, Vectis

Primary AoE, Penta

Primary Silent, Dread

Secondary Bullet Hose, Cestra

Secondary M1Garand, Tysis

Secondary One Shotter, Lex

Secondary AoE, Angstrum

Secondary Silent, Hikou


For melee, Blender, Pocket Knife, Big Stick, Fists, Thrown, Silent, Whip.


Blender, Dual Zoren

Pocket Knife, Ceramic Dagger

Big Stick, Amphis

Fists, Kogake

Thrown, Glaive

Silent, Glaive

Whip, Lecta

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