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Archwing/gun/melee Mods For Archwing/gun/melee Mods

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Mods I have duplicates of and there for do not need and are willing to trade


Archwing Mods

Argon Plating

Energy Inversion


Archgun Mods

Paralax scope

Magazine Extension


Archmelee Mods

Cutting Edge

Bleeding Edge

Sudden Impact



Mods i do not have and there for need


Archwing Mods

Energy Amplifier

Enhanced Durability

Hyperion Thrusters

Morphic Transformer

Superior Defenses

System Reroute


Archgun Mods

Automatic Trigger

Dual Rounds

Electrified Barrel

Modified Munitions

Polar Magazine 


Archmelee Mods

Blazing Steel

Galvanized Blade

Poisonous Sting

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