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Laundry List Of Weapon Suggestions


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       After playing the game for some time, I thought I'd provide the developers with a summary of my feelings towards all of the weapons in the game that I think aren't totally balanced yet. Anything I don't mention here, either I think is totally fine, or don't have enough experience with to talk about. Here goes.




Grakata: I personally love the Grakata because it is such a fun weapon to use. A nice crit/proc machine with an insane fire rate makes me just want to mow down hordes of enemies. And it does do the job quite nicely. The only problem is, it can't do it for long. The ammo consumption here is so bad that even with mutation mods it still runs out. Some weapons like the Gorgon or Soma can fix their economy with a mod, but it is just too far gone for the Grakata, which is a shame, because I can't hose crowds of enemies with lead like the weapon was meant to do if I'm forced to tap-fire or constantly switch to a secondary.


Boltor, Braton, and Burston Primes: Ok, this is a very big site of contention, so I'll try to be as neat as possibly. I've pretty much accepted that weapons in Warframe are going to be tiered. First MK1's, then Market, then from drops, then Vandals/Wraiths, then ClanTech, then Stalker, then Prime. However, these weapons seem to be tiered within tiers. I understand that there needs to be weapons capable of doing those two-hour long survival mission on TIV Void, but I think all of the Primes should be at that tier. Right now, I'd say that the Boltor, Paris, and Boar primes are at that level, while the Braton, Burston, and Latron sit a little ways below. I would love to use all of these weapons, and I think they are deserving of a level playing field. Most people say, "boltor 0p de plz nerf", but I say we should buff the other primes instead. Just a raw damage boost, don't mess with the play style of the weapons at all. 


Buzlok: Already a 'Fast Feedback' thread for it, so I'll leave it alone here.


Cernos: I have never, not once, seen a player use the Cernos. It is just plain bad compared to the other bows. The Paris (Puncture Bow) is somewhat on the same tier as the Cernos (Impact Bow), but the Paris is never used either, because it has a fairly easy to get prime counterpart. So, the slash bow is a Stalker weapon, so it should be very good, and it is. The puncture bow is the Paris, which has a Prime, so it should be very good, and it is. The Cernos, however, is just lame. It has impact, which the other bows lack, but the Dread and Paris Prime laugh in it's face at how much more damage they can do regardless. The Cernos either needs a Prime component, or it needs to get a buff. I don't expect it to be on level ground with a Prime or Stalker weapon, but this super-sexy looking bow isn't good enough for anyone to use compared to the competition.


Glaxion: See Grakata. A very fun weapon spoiled by garbage ammo economy.


Lanka: Fires too slow. Even the die-hard supporters of the Lanka have to admit that the charge time makes it a very hard weapon to use. Don't get me wrong- I'm all for specialist play styles and weapons with a steep learning curve, but the Lanka can not contribute to a squad. It does fine enough damage, but the uber-long charge time means that players are going to be spending most of their time charging a shot for an enemy which will be dead by the time their charged. It does not lend itself well to team-play, by the simple nature that it can not engage targets quickly.The Vectis, despite being a breach gun, does much better because it doesn't have to prepare the shot, just aim and click. I think either the charge time should be significantly lower, or the charge-up mechanic should be replaced with an over-heat cooldown mechanic to pace the shots, so that players can fire instantaneously. Another idea would be to do a little of both, where clicking once would shoot, but it would take about .5s for the gun to warm up, then comes the bang. Tie this in with a short cooldown after the shot, and you would get a weapon which feels powerful, and can quickly engage enemies. This would also make it easier to aim,  because they would have one less thing to worry about with the charge-up.


Supra: Give this thing some polarities. It's already a clantech weapon, which means it costs a forma in the first place, and this otherwise badass weapon is stunted by the lack of mod space. You have to forma it at least twice to get it where it should be performing at, and to optimize it takes two more. That's a total of 5 x leveling the gun up to get it to where it needs to be to perform well at high levels. From the stats of the gun, it appears to be a high-level war machine, and it is, but it takes a wall of millions of XP and several forma to get to it. In my opinion, it should be granted at least two innate polarities, (V's or -'s)


Tigris: Doesn't do enough damage to compensate for the endless reloading and trigger-holding. It is an extremely fun weapon when you can blast enemies away in one hit, but otherwise the constant reloading is infuriating to deal with. Since this is a market weapon, I don't see this as a huge priority to buff, but nonetheless a much shorter reload time would be greatly appreciated.




Akzani: Suffers from the same troubles as the Cernos. This is a puncture oriented set of dual machine pistols, but they fall flat compared to other weapons of the same type. Needs to be put on a level playing field with the Gremlins and the like.


Kraken: Poor little kraken, a neat concept with absolutely no reason to use it. Shouldn't be a high tier weapon or anything, as it is a market weapon, but needs some kind of boost to prop it on it's feet compared to other low-mid tier pistols.




Galatine: This used to be a totally OP face-melting greatsword, but now it's a seldom use showpiece. Melee 2.0 has been very unkind to charge weapons, and I think that they should get boosts to channeling damage and efficiency. Just like there are crit-specific weapons, I think there should be channeling-specific weapons.


Silva & Aegis: 35 Heat damage is pathetic. This is an exciting clantech weapon with a great aesthetic and tons of potential, but needs two things, 1- Either an attack speed buff, damage buff, or both. 2- The shield should be more than prop for combos, it should be a shield. The Aegis needs to cost no stamina to block. This would make the S&A a viable weapon for utility purposes, and we might actually see some people using all those rare blocking mods outside of conclave.


Lecta: The lecta is garbag. I can't even distinguish what is bad about it, because it's all bad. It's a weak, slow weapon with no utility or mobility. It would be nice to see it on a level playing field with the awesome Atterax. 


Jat Kittag: An aesthetic point here, not balancing. Make the rocket engine more apparent in the sound/animations. We should hear and see the engine roar with every swing, and hear a skull-shattering smash at the end of every blow, with a shockwave effect. Otherwise, this weapon is a ton of fun. (Considering how much of the enjoyment I get out of warframe is from the feeling of being a total badass, it's these little things that absolutely make the game to me.) 


Mire: Another weapon that has been cast to the side by Melee 2.0. The Mire should have it's old toxin charge damage given back in form of channeling pure toxin damage. (As well as doing better than average channeling damage)


Dark Dagger/Sword: Love the idea of a pure radiation melee weapon, but should have another bonus to make these a bit more attractive.


Heat Weapons: Make these channel large amounts of heat damage. Making them inefficient but extremely hard-hitting could make for an interesting style.


Plasma Sword: Basically a bad version of the Prova that drops from alerts, and the Prova isn't very good either. It should attack much faster, being a one-handed weapon, and something crazy like 100% status would be cool, too.


Alert Weapons as a whole: Other unmentioned alert weapons like the Jaw Sword are all also useless. Nobody ever uses them, even noobs, except to farm mastery after they've played everything else. Once again, not every weapon should be high-tier, but they should all be competent in their own ways.




Thank you for reading this wall of text, if you have. Please leave your own suggestions as a reply as well, so as to condense as much information for the developers into one post as possible. Thank you.

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