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Impressions On Archwing


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I've played many different flying games through the years, and I have to say that the archwing play style is definitely my favorite. Having just completed my archwing (plastids...) and played a few hours, I figured I'd add my input to the pot.


Things done right: The movement animations are superb, especially the descend animation. The general controls and speed are all just right, and moving within the ships during missions and around the objects, the maneuverability of the archwing gives a nice advantage, but not too much. Turn radii are great, especially the way it moves while speeding. The mechanics of the arch gun in general are also well done. I especially liked the hazards on the corpus missions. That blue fire really just does it. Aesthetics of the archwing itself as well are overall very pleasing. Like everything else I own, mine is green. 


Suggestions: The only major bugs I noticed are probably already documented. I primarily use a Paris, and while playing archwing, my warframe flies through the whole mission with an arrow in his right shoulder. I rather like how the quiver doesn't disappear though. It seems...real? Does that word even belong here? Well, it does have the feel. Secondly, the mission affinities that appeared for me were to hack a console. Not happening in space. Unless I am mistaken and there was a console around. 

The physics could use a little upping as well, and that's my only nitpick. It is odd that the Tenno slide an extraordinarily long way on a planet but can stop on a dime in space. I did notice some travel, but only at certain times. Perhaps a little forward motion until it is arrested with the backwards movement key would be nice?


Just my impressions. This is definitely the best game I've played in a long while, and it seems to just keep getting better.

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