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In-Game Settings And Ui Resetting On Every Log-In


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Bug: Every time I log-in on my account the settings and UI reset to default and I have to set them back up again.


What it effects: The In-game settings (Ex. HUD, Aim sensitivity, voice receive volume, controls) Not key bindings though.

Arsenal UI (Ex. Everything in gear inventory is unequipped, all favorite colors in color picker are unfavorited)


P.S: I have looked through the forums for solutions but none of them seemed to work. Also, I have 2 other accounts and they are unaffected by the bug, only this one is affected.

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Do you use Nvidia Geforce Experience and is it set to automatically optimise your settings?  It's idea of 'optimising' my settings is to switch every graphic option on, set all sound to maximum, unequip all gear and remove favorite colours.

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Welp, actually found the awnser at another thread fairly quickly.


I don't know if I'm allowed to link it, so I'll just state the title here (in performance thread)


(Solved) Temporary Freeze Issue since Patch 15.9


It clearly states the problem above and some other things that where happening with a clear and simple awnser.


Basically: When the game isn't running, go to C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\ and delete the Warframe folder.  After that start the game back up and see if there's any change in the freezing, but also see if the game starts remembering your settings.


(Copied this from that thread, give the person who came up with it some upvotes if it helped you)

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