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Spitfire - Dogfighter Archwing


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I like Archwing. But I hate that I cannot sprint while I shoot stuff. Hence, this idea.

I can't say that I learned everything Archwing mode has to offer. So names and statistics are subject of change.


Spitfire - Dogfighter Archwing



Like the war machines from age long past, this Archwing will take the fight to the enemies with extreme aggression.


A dogfighting Archwing suited for borderline suicidal playstyle, The idea is that the players use Spitfire to do multiple starfing runs on the enemy, relying on their speed to avoid damage.


Visual :

A mashup between vintage World War fighter planes, huge muscle car engine and massive jet turbines. Part-sleek, part-raw. Exposed, but powerful-looking.


Unranked statistic :

More frail than Odonata but with more Power.


Health - 100%

Shield - 100%

Armor - 80%

Power - 200

Stamina - 200%




1. Blitzkrieg

Cost - 25

Spitfire put its engine into overdrive, allowing it to cut deep into battle.

Grants 15/20/25/30% sprint speed boost and allows the user to use primary weapon while sprinting for 5/8/10/15 seconds.


Main spam and survival skill. The whole point of this Archwing really.


2. Afterimage

Cost - 30

Spitfire performs a backflip and launches afterimage of itself forward, disorienting enemies for a short period.

Deploy a decoy of itself that constantly moves forward and draws aggro. The decoy lasts 3/4/5/6 second and have xx Health/xx Shield. The user turns invisible for 3/4/5/6 seconds. On use, movement speed will instantly reset to 0.


Basically Saryn's Molt.


3. Acceleration Field

Cost - 50

Emits a magnetic field that propels weapon projectiles, increasing firing rate.

Spitfire deploys a small field around itself for 5/7/9/10 seconds. Every friendly units inside the field will have their primany weapon fire rate increased by 15/20/25/30%, their attribute changed to hitscan and cause Magnetic proc.


Spitfire's only team-play ability. Used as self buff more than anything because you'd move around a lot.


4. Spitfire

Cost - 100

Spitfire obliterates the enemies with its onboard laser array.

Fire 5/6/7/8 laser salvo forward causing massive damage. Targets hit will be set on fire.


Think a strafing run by A10 Thunderbolt, only with lazerz.




Any comment is appreciated.

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I also really like WW2 planes and the Archwing isn't agile enough in my opinion so +2 for this ;)

Except for Afterimage, it is basically the newest with a holo. Instead an evade with a somewhat complicated air stunt that would disturb enemies and make missiles lose their lock

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