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Bad Wolves [Est/pst/intl][Hardcore][Casual Friendly][Full Dojo][512 Slot Ts3][Social][Did I Say Awesome ^_^]


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Focus: PvE, PvP, Endgame, Progression, Crafting, Social, Hardcore, Casual Friendly
Time Zone: Eastern to Pacific NA; All TMZ welcome
Voice Chat: Dedicated 512 slot Teamspeak Server
Website: http://badwolvesgaming.com
Size: 75+
Alliance: Orion Emperors

About Us: Bad Wolves is an adult oriented community for casual and hardcore gamers. We meld our play styles together to compliment each other with a focus on co-operative team play with competitive tendencies. We do not require members to play any particular way in order to be a member although our members are commonly group oriented, competitive and unabashed by adult environments. We have members that at times do not participate in any of the games we play and are around just for the camaraderie. We like to operate by the idea of if we are not having fun, we are not doing it right. Our team is lead by seasoned leadership from many corners of the gaming world under the shared vision of staying united no matter the paths and games we end up playing. Our leaders are veterans of successful endgame progression guilds dating back from EQ, EQ2, WoW, Aion, Final Fantasy XI, AoC, AO, and FFXIV. We have seen too often what the instability of fickle and unsteady leadership does to groups of gamers and friends and hope to unite all those who find appeal in our vision so that we may have a community in any game our members decide to delve into.

Our Mission: We aim to be a progressive endgame entity but are openly casual friendly. We are an adult oriented community that follows a no drama policy and our guiding rule is respect. Although no community is perfect, we strive to provide a relaxed and fun environment for whatever playstyle your into. Our membership vets each new member to ensure that we maintain quality over quantity. So come get to know us and if you have time hop on our teamspeak and say hello. If your interested or have questions feel free to reply here or contact us via our website or steam group Edited by Fatetaker
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Can i rank 1 tenno like me join your clan?

ign: redveil


Any rank Tenno can, new and old we are a home for all that are drawn to our vision. Please visit our site to apply and don't hesitate to hop on our teamspeak or message myself or TheWebMaster if you have questions.

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