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Standing On Hallowed Ground Breaks Parrying Incoming Damage With Melee

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Or to be a bit clearer, when attempting to parry incoming dmg with melee while standing on hallowed ground no actual dmg is negated and is able to go straight through and dmg you directly.

This seems to occur regardless of whether or not the parrying animation is taking place.


Steps to reproduce:

1) Grab Oberon, suit up and pick a melee weapon of choice (it doesn't seem to matter what weapon you use)

2) Run any mission you feel like

3) Cast hallowed ground, stand on it and try to parry incoming fire.

4) No actual dmg will be negated and you will take hits to your shield/health instantly.


I've had this happen every time I've used Oberon regardless of mod set up or how many weapons I have equipped, so I don't think any of those things factor into the issue.

If anymore info is needed or if anyone else can confirm this happens to them let me know.

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-- fixed in 15.12.2 --

I made this thread ages ago but thats still good news. I didn't even realise it was fixed.


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