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[Selling / Trading] Bunch Of Rare Mods, Maxed Ones Too

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>> I can RANK UP or MAX any mod for additional price of 1p per rare fusion core spent <<


Mods I am Selling:


ANY Aura: (have them all)

ANY Melee Stance: (have them all)

Warframe mods: Blind Rage, Continuity, Enemy Sense, Flow, Intensify, Narrow Minded, Quick Thinking, Retribution, Streamline, Transient Fortitude, Undying Will, Vigor. (also have maxed vitality, redirection, or whatever maxed)

Primary Weapon: Accelerated Blast, Arrow Mutation, Blaze, Burdened Magazine, Critical Delay, Hammer Shot, Hell's Chamber, Malignant Force, Metal Auger, Seeking Force, Shotgun Ammo Mutation, Shred, Split Chamber, Tainted Mag, Tainted Shell, Thunderbolt, Toxic Barrage, Vile Acceleration, Vile Precision, Wildfire.

Secondary Weapon: Anemic Agility, Barrel Diffusion, Creeping Bullseye, Hollow Point, Ice Storm, Lethal Torrent, Magnum Force, Pistol Pestilence, Seeker, Stunning Speed, Tainted Clip.

Melee: Berserker, Corrupt Charge, Energy Channel, Focus Energy, Heavy Trauma, Quickening, Rending Strike, Spoiled Strike, Virulent Scourge, Whirlwind.

Archwing mods: Auxiliary Power, Combustion Rounds, Glacial Edge.

Sentinel: Coolant Leak, Fired Up, Sanctuary.

Kubrow: Bite, Link Health/Shields/Armor, Maul.

Cryo mods set: Rime Rounds, Frigid Blast, Frostbite, Vicious Frost.



Mods I need, and might be willing to trade for:


Automatic Trigger, Blazing Steel, Continuous Misery, Electrified barrel, Enhanced Durability, Frail Momentum, Morphic Transformer, Polar Magazine, Rapid Resilience, Rubedo Lined Barrel, Ruinuous Extension, Sudden Impact, Superior Defenses, System Reroute, Tempered Blade, Terminal Velocity, Venomous Clip.




>> Send me a message on forums, or hit me ingame, will be online often today :)

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