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Fighting High Level Grineer Is A Joke. Funny, But No Punchline.


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After a while, you sides hurt from the laughing but you realize the joke's not going anywhere...


I ran a few Ceres - Kiste Mobile Defenses in the past few days.  I fully realize that some maps have poor spawn rates...but something's not quite right here.


Between the new death effects, and the ridiculous amount of mobs spawning, and the tight hallways the enemies approach from...


I'm literally just spraying bullets into a given area with absolutely NO IDEA of what I'm aiming at.  Without punchthrough mods I have little to no hope of hitting anything.  It's all particle effects, bloom, and white noise.  Randomframe.


This is fun the first 2 times or so...then it becomes a laugh-fest.  I'm not laughing from having fun, I'm laughing at the thought that some game designer / developer / whatever actually thinks this is a good gameplay experience.  Frustrationframe.


I'm laughing because there's so much Grineer effort being expended, but they fail so often and so repeatedly, I can't see any possible lore that would justify their actions.  "How did these guys manage to build space ships when they can't even kill 4 dudes camping a computer terminal?  The cost/benefit must be absolutely ridiculous from their point of view."   Accountantframe.


I'm not able to mentally absorb any of the different enemy designs.  Their mechanics are trivial, given the sheer numbers of them.  It's just a crap ton of enemies all shooting in my direction.  Every so often a scorpion pulls me.  Every so often a ballista one-shots me.  Every so often a bombard missile knocks me down.  I can't tell what or when, because there's just tons of them.  My "gameplay" is reactive, instead of active.  Panicframe...


I'm not able to appreciate the artwork.  Too much visual mess.  This is a shame...Picassoframe.


I'm not able to use any new or different strategies.  No Loki to disarm?  Well then you're just rolling the dice that your team has the firepower to hold the swarm at bay, and the coordination to do it without scorpions pulling you out.  Literal dice roll...because half the time you can't see the scorpions...they may or may not be there, and they may or may not get you, but you sure can't dodge them (that would require knowing where in the swarm they are).  THROW RANDOM FIREPOWER DOWN THE HALL AND HOPE IT HITS SOMETHING!  Bullets, abilities?  No difference.  Just throw it down the hall.  Ramboframe.


And if there's a drahk master in there?  Forget about it.  Now you have a certain % chance to be without your weapon.  Unexpectedly.  Randomly.  Without warning.  All because a halikar came flying out from the massive swarm of enemies and happened to hit you before you knew what happened... Sadfaceframe.


Look it's neat-o and all...but I sure do wish it felt like I was more involved than this.  More often than not the Tenno win.  But it usually feels like that Zion scene in the Matrix where the mechs are shooting the machine guns into the swarm of octopuss-robots.   Neoframe...




1/3rd the quantity of enemies, but with each actually being difficult, would be preferable to what we have right now.

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While I understand that DE's goal was to make us feel like gods capable of wiping out entire platoons with a single wave of our hand, I would definitely love to see the occasional waves of fewer but more powerful enemies in between the waves of cannon fodder. That and certain enemies (mainly Grineer), while tolerable on their own, become broken or problematic when the game decides to throw a ton of them at you just 'cause, so some "logic", if you will, to when and where certain enemies spawn would also be a welcome change.

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Well, I'm having a lot more fun dealing with swarms rather than a few enemies. Would hate if they changed it. But there are Eximuses that aren't a piece of cake like the rest, if you want difficulty.


Maybe some new encounters are needed. Like some Grineer elite anti-Tenno squad, like G3 but less powerful and with higher chance of spawn during any Grineer mission. No mark needed as well. Would like that, a sudden "complications" :D

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While I understand that DE's goal was to make us feel like gods capable of wiping out entire platoons with a single wave of our hand.

Thats seems pretty funny when lotus says "run" when g3 spawns, 3 beefed up lancers...

Not to mention that bosses should be a threat and lotus warns us about it but then you steamroll alad v who killed enough tenno to make zanuka with barely any gear and effort...


No its not about being god, its just poor balance and terrible power curve coupled with fear of backlash due to massive nerfs.

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Warframe in higher levels = NO PLACE TO HIDE this is a problem.
Beggining of the game = Hide beetwen something, cover etc, plan your next move
Again: later in game high leveled mission = No place to hide, shot everything as fast as you can with hardest weapon if not too fast you are dead, keep moving all over the place and pray to avoid some enemy fire. If you cover or Hide you DIE got it soldier? Everything what you learned in the past forget it.

SERIOUSLY I want less enemies but more stronger.If you don't cover you die, plan your next move which skill to use etc. No random runing and shoting everything like it is now. If you don't remember the fun of beggining gameplay then make new account and play again, you will notice a big difference beetwen your old Rank50 account and new account, different gameplay.

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I really think DE should  make the Heavies (except maybe the Heavy Gunner) fewer and much more varied in their attacks, coupled with strong defensive abilities but with powerful attacks that are avoidable. There are a few enemies like this aleady: Hyenas and the Jetpack Grineer Ladies are have strong, but telegraphed attacks and either high health (Hyenas) or some way of avoiding damage (Jetpacks). I would love for more enemies like them, with maybe 75% of the health they have, to appear alone or in pair alongside the fodder mobs. The basic enemies could let us feel like gods, but they could help us get more engaging gameplay, as well as allow the mobs to be dangerous when we lose focus of them.

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