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Chaisaw Melee.


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chainsaw weapons. yes or no?


Why not?


lets not go in for logic here because we have a rocket-boosted hammer, saurons mace, a pile of organs (mire), and a boomerang-ish hammer.


so i think its time to have a chainsaw weapon (atleast a small one, attached to 1 arm). (hehe, ash from evil dead 2)

well offcourse its going to be a slash damage type weapon.


slow but with good crit dmg and crit chance. because when you take a chainsaw to the head i think it is CRITICAL

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I'm ok with this, but leave stat discussion to DE... I'm not sure what parameter they use to choose crit rate, but I don't think that it matches the standard you used there

well .....i agree.  i think its better to leave stats for DE decide.

but i think would actually be awesome if they give it a HUGE slash dmg

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