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Your Favorite Mega Man Weapon


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It's been a very long time since we haven't seen a Mega Man game, but we haven't forgotten how much fun they are!

So in great respect for the Blue Bomber himself, How'bout we talk about our favorite thing to use in a Mega Man game?


Here's how things work here, you can mention just about anything you can use in any Mega Man game. Whether it being an X armor, a Biometal from ZX or boss form from ZX Advent, a program advance, chip, style or transformation from Battle Network, a boss power in the original - X series or a special weapon in the Legends games, you can mention what ever you want from what ever game it's from


My favorite is an armor for X from Mega Man X6. Shadow Armor!



Hoho god, how cool and usefull is that thing!


Shadow Armor is pretty much the most awesome thing i've ever used in a Mega Man game!


Armor's abilities.


Ninja weapons: in this armor, X's buster shots are replaced by hurikens which are shot in multiple directions, attack faster with the Z Saber and his charged shot is replaced by what i call the Moon Slash because of the moon like shape it does.


Wall Stick: i don't know how it's actually called but what ever... With this armor, you're no longer sliding down walls and you can jump up and stick to the ceiling and spread shurikens from above.


Spike imunity: YES! OH GOD YES! Shadow Armor's best ability! You can now walk on spikes using this armor.


That's Shadow Armor. ^_^


We miss you Mega Man... We really do... We believe in you Mighty No. 9, Bring back the mega fun we always had!

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