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Please Help Me To Understand Why Warframe Isn't Running As Smoothly As It Was Before U15


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So, I'm putting this here mostly because it's a question that I don't think can be answered through the players helping players sub-forum, but if I'm wrong, feel free to move it.


Before U15 dropped I think I only experienced one or two crashes total out of 8-9 months and 800-900 some hours of gameplay(according to steam). After U15 hit, I noticed my laptop was running at a much lower fps while in my liset, and recently I've experienced weird crashes where the game freezes up, I get a white or black screen that essentially locks out my desktop as well. What I mean is I can't alt-tab back into warframe (i run it with borderless full screen mode) to alt-f4 the program or access my task manager to kill the task due to the white or black screen. My processor is not locked up, as I have the freedom to open other programs on my taskbar or go to the start menu.


In fact only once has my game crashed like this and I received the crash reporter. I already posted the war number from that here on the forums too after submitting the report.


To elaborate a bit more, before U15 I could run warframe under DirectX11, as DX10 had a bit of a visual performance hit for some reason unknown to me. However, after U15 I had to swap to DX10 in order to get the performance I had before the update. I run warframe on low settings, save for medium texture memory, color correction, and fxaa anti-aliasing. I've been able to keep my game at the 48-72 fps I usually get, but I'm experiencing these crashes now that have not ever happened before. I just want to know if it's a hardware issue or if it's on the devs end of things. And I'm kind of hoping to catch a dev's attention here too.


Here are my pc's specs:


Windows 8.1 64-bit OS

4th gen intel i5 processor at 2.6 GHz (at turboboost, which is alway on)

4gb of DDR3 ram (planning to upgrade to 8 when I have the money)

intel imbedded HD graphics 4400

500gb Hard drive


Honestly, I haven't the slightest idea what would be causing these performance issues, since I've never had them before. The pc's only about a year old too.


And although it's not a great bar for comparison, I can run skyrim on my laptop with these specs with the only issues coming from mods I've installed/uninstalled. I would argue that that game is much more taxing on the system than warframe is.


Edit: oh, and if it helps, my pc is an ASUS Vivobook touchscreen laptop.

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I'm a caveman when it comes to this kind of thing, but turning down my particle quality fixed everything for me. (except the crashes, crashes still happen randomly)

My particle quality is already at low, and I don't think you can turn it off.


To restate my issue, it's not performance, my fps is steady around 60 frames majority of the time, and my processor's never being taxed too much, nor is my machine overheating. It's just these weird crashes I've never had before the update, so I'm suspecting U15 has something to do with it.


Game evolves, our rigs do not.


In few years Warframe will be unplayable on current gen PCs.

The sad truth of it all, amirite?




Another person running Warframe on HD4000 onboard graphics...

I would upgrade, if I could, but the graphics card is imbedded. Is HD4000 graphics really that bad? Because I've had very few issues running games(which was warframe the majority of the time) until now.

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i think we all have the same new problem because of archwings and other new stuff, my wf is crashing minimum one a day and its not different at my friends.

And since U15 waframe needs more cpu capacity and RAM and it lags a lot more in some situation f.e. when 4people casts their ultis or some other abilities.

my specs

I7-4930k @ 3.5-3.9 GHz

8gb DDR3 RAM

Asus amd r290x

900gb SSD

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