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Expanding The Ship


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If you look at the concept art, the Liset is attached to a much larger ship (about the size of a Grineer galleon).


Steve said in a forum post we'd be seeing more of this ship as time goes on, but, ships were promised for U14, so the essential modules were pushed into the current ""orbiter module".


I'll see if I can find that art.

Found it. Yes, that small dot on the right is the Liset.



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There was a plan on a bigger ship that the liset would attach to after mission but it kinda got scrapped after the hubs, not sure if they will ever have it back tho.

We already have it. When you walk down the ramp you walk into the other ship. Only the cockpit part is actually the liset.

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The devs talked about it last week in an AMA.


Q:Where on the Liset is there room for the arching customization area? (seriously, that room is huge)

A: The Idea of the Liset is that it Docks onto a much larger unit that internally we joke as "the trailer". We haven't been able to really make that clear to the player as the content was really complex and took ages to finish. Hopefully soon there will be a loading screen for going back to the Liset that will show you docking to it.
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