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Boltor Prime Build



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I prefer Shred. My build looks like this:


Split Chamber


Ammo Mutation

Elemental 1 (Or Heavy Calibur)

Elemental 2 (Or Speed Trigger)

Elemental 3 (Or Bane, but not for void missions)

Elemental 4 (Or Reload Speed)

For the void, Corrosive + Cold or Corrosive + Heat is the norm.

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Void: split, serration, heavy cal, shred, malignant or high volt, stormbringer and infected clip

Griner: serration, split, heavy, bane or shred and radiation and viral

Corpus: serration, split, heavy, bane or shred and magnetic and toxin

Infested: serration, split, heavy, shred and corrosive and viral

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Metal Auger is pretty interesting. You'll kill more than the average person and nothing can hide from you, now include this and shred and no wall is thick enough and no grineer is too thick and it's sorta like having an aoe weapon especially with Mirage.

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Shred is definitely the go to for utility and damage. Speed trigger will push DPS a lot more but Shred will net you more damage depending on the situation. Boltor's fake "punch through" is crap.


Serration, Splitchamber, Heavy Cal, Shred.

Infected Clip, Stormbringer, Hellfire, Cryorounds.


Just mix and match elements. If you don't like the combination, either use Bane or one of the event mods.

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SC, Serr, HCal, and 180% Corrosive are the staple.


The last two mods are any of:

ST / VA / Shred

60%/120% more Corrosive

90% Cold or Fire

Ammo Mutation



Personally I go with max Corrosive damage, built for damage/shot, but the highest DPS would be with +RoF mods (Shred for Line-AoE), with an accompanying reduction to ammo efficiency. I would try out a few combinations and see for yourself what you prefer.

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