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Should Previous Events Be Made Into Quests?


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i guess they could use some of them esp. Arid Fear to unlock new planets for new players. that way they get some old lore and know whats what and how what happened. Just reduce some of the needed points drastically. And ofc no rewards like the events besides unlocking a planet or maybe move some weapon and frame parts there.

I'd also like to replay some of these old events again. corrupting slingstones generators was quite fun.



For the gradvius dilema you could just reduce it to one or two invasionlike nodes that end once you played em 5 times with the questmission. Regardless of which side the player picks in the end Grineer won and the Player can start hunting Salad V. that would make unlocking jupiter more fun.


For phobos we got the Arid fear missions.


to let new palyers unlock Europa they could go back to the first event ever with fusion Moas. Basically Lotus tells the palyers that these Moas are aroun gives them a quest to kill a certain amoun (20 or so) either in any node or a special quest node. and then tells you theyre from europa and unlocks it for you.


Ceres has the Tethras doom event. just get a triangulator, hijack and blowup a core and ceres is unlocked.


loads of options to bring abck some old events as storyquests and give the new players lore

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