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Selling Rares, Stances, Auras, Primes

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If I forgot to give something a price, it is pretty safe to assume that it is 3p.


Trades must total at least 5p.  If you don't like a price let me know, maybe we can work something out.  Send me a message in gameor  forum message, I will be checking in every once in a while, or the fastest way would be to send an email to condition.grounded@gmail.com


I'm also looking for Narrowminded, Hell's Chamber and Blaze, so I would be willing to trade mod(s) for those.


Rare Mods

Accelerated Blast 3p

Anemic Agility 3p

Constitution 4p

Continuity 8p

Energy Channel 3p

Fired Up 8p

Focus Energy 3p

Hammer Shot 12p

Ice Storm 3p

Lethal Torrent 4p

Master Thief 8p

Metal Auger 3p

Power Throw 3p

Ravage 3p

Sanctuary 12p

Seeker 8p

Shred 4p

Split Chamber 12p

Stabilizer 3p

Streamline 5p

Sundering Strike 3p

Vital Sense 3p

Wildfire 3p



Burning Wasp 3p

Fracturing Wind 3p

Reaping Spiral 3p

Sundering Weave 3p

Swirling Tiger 4p



Dead Eye 3p

Enemy Radar 3p

Energy Siphon 10p

Rifle Amp 8p

Rifle Scavenger 3p

Shotgun Scavenger 3p


Prime Stuff

Boltor Prime Stock 3p

Latron Prime Barrel 3p

Latron Prime Blueprint 3p

Paris Prime Lower Limb 3p

Rhino Prime Systems 3p

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