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Defense / Interception Reward Mechanics


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This is something I honestly don't understand...


Survival: Survive five minutes, get a reward. Survive another five minutes, get another reward. Repeat until you die and lose everything, or evacuate and keep every reward you've earned.


I like this system. It's a good system. It rewards people for sticking it out, and the longer you stay the better the reward.


Now let's look at a typical Defense mission...



Wave 5 - get offered a Gold Mod. Choose to stay, Mod is lost forever.

Wave 10 - get offered a Silver Mod. Choose to stay, Mod is lost forever.

Wave 15 - get offered a Bronze Mod. Can't stay because you won't survive another 5 waves.


Interception has the same problem.


What I don't get is why Defense and Interception don't follow in Survival's footsteps and give you everything. So at Wave 5 / Round 1, you get a reward regardless of whether you stay or go. If you fail you still lose everything, but it would certainly remove that frustration of being offered keys, rare mods and forma only to be forced to leave with yet another "+5 electricity resistance" mod.

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Awesome! I'm hoping it'll tweak the loot tables a bit as well. Seriously, my loot patterns for T4 survival are weird!


5 mins - 5 Gold Fusion / Blueprints / Orokin Cells.

10 mins - a penny someone found behind the sofa.

15 mins - 5 Gold Fusion / Blueprints / Orokin Cells

20 mins - Blueprints / Forma.

25 mins - belly button lint.


Am I the only one who has this happen? :P

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