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A Simple Request


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I'm no artist, but to somebody that is one, I have a request.


Recently I've been using the Jat Kittag a lot, why?

Because the dash is amazing.


My request is a picture of Volt riding a Jat Kittag, how this is accomplished I don't really care. Be it by riding it like a witch riding a broomstick, or like he does in the game with it over his head.


It's just a cool Idea and I wish I could draw to do it myself...

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Wow, I am impressed by the amount of detail in this, it looks so realistic. You sir are the best around,



And ain't nobody ever gonna keep him down.




eh, that's one piece of art more than I was expecting, close enough.

Thank you.



I did take my time and skills to test with this artistic piece. But in the end that paid off.

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