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Wtb Transient Fortitude Max Rank + Blue Athletic Tallest Raska + Legendary Core

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Transient Fortitude Max Rank




+ BLUE Athletic Lotus  Raska  Kubrow


Body have to be Athletic type.


If Body and Height can be just like the pic link below in the imprint browser would be great


if not it's also fine.




+ Legendary Core


Price is negotiable , Pm by forum and contact me for more information.

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Height and gender isnt store on imprints. Even if u buy 2 really tall one, you can still get a small one. With that said, if you're still interested, I have lotus for sale. 200p for both prints



Thanks for you notification, I didnt know that.


Your kurbrow looks great, but I want to search the blue head Raksa first,  forgot to mention that in the Topic.

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