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Archwing Intercept (Earth Erpo) Round Selection Ui Freeze.


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I joined public game just prior to the end of round 1. At the stay or go selection, it said - Name, Name, Name, Name, arranged vertically, and Object, Object, horizontally as selectable. However, I could neither select anything, nor could I move my archwing. Upon the end of round 2, the names popped up right, and I could make a selection, but the selection menu never disappeared, and I remained unable to do anything - not even quit.

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the same have just happened to me, TWICE in a row in 2 different games, exactly same screen, so i'll keep from reposting it


since 15.1/15.1.01


During the 1st occurrence there was a host migration, then this screen, but with me becoming the host (and only player left) at the end of the round the selection screen worked normally and the bugged one disappeared.


The second time it just happened for me while the rest of the squad was not bugged, they stayed and i've found myself staying too.

On the next round another window appeared on top of the bugged one so i could interact again with the leave or stay buttons.

I stayed but i still couldn't do anything, so on the next round end i left. The bugged one was still visible below the working one.

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Its happened in the past too. It always happens way in the level, and it always results in loosing mods I get for the first time. 

I am not playing any more archwing missions until you adress this DE. This isn't just a bug. Its gamebraking.

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oops.. used a support ticket to report his xD

ID: 249489

well... got the same bug.. also twice in a row (or with one game in between)


First one was directly after joining, 2nd one was in between.. from wave 7 - 8


Can upload EE.log here again if required... also got lot of screenshots attached to the ticked^^



Problem with this glitch is, you can't do anything but ALT-F4... as not even the menu works. Or you could wait till next wave and use it's wave complete screen to extract.. (the glitch ed one will still be there, but underneath it, so don't continue but extract)



There are also other topics about this with Defense missions:




so it's generally the extract screen that's bugged since 1-2 hotfixes (at least it never happened before to me)

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Just had the same bug, Earth/Erpo, round 7 exit UI, at the end of round 8 i was able to exit, but die bugged UI was still in the background (sry, don't know how to upload screenshots here, not really intuitive...)


- btw. round 8 reward was a -fusion core- ... :P - wasn't said that every 4th round a weapon component will be rewarded?

some days ago there was Corvas Receiver shown as round 8 reward but i didn't receive it - no answer on support ticket untill now - if you ask me: the whole archwing interception exit UI is really buggy

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  • Fixed potential issues with Interception and Defense reward screens not showing mods or player names past certain waves.


This should've been fixed, but it is still occurring here. This time around it was even worse, because we stayed in the mission and the screen didn't disappear, so our host had to complete the next round on his own. This isn't Archwing, but it's the same bug:




Edit: I see there's another thread out there describing the same bug.

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