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New Ninja Weapons


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I tend to try and play Warframe with just 'traditional ninja' weapons as I've got waaay too many games with many guns in them, so I have polarized and maxed all the bows, my Hikou prime, despair, Dragon kitana and even Castanas.


I tend to maximize a weapon against a particular faction and noticed there's no 'ninja like secondary weapon that specialized for infested, so why not for example:






You could throw  a ton of these down behind or in front of you (Clip size of about 20 which all releases at once...needs large magazine maybe 400 - 500) so the infested (or i guess anything else) could tread on them as they rush you.  Maybe give it a high status chance and have them have a moderate slash and puncture damage...and maybe a stun lock :-)


Other weapon ideas: 


Kusarigama  'chain-scythe'




This weapon should have the best melee range in the game due to it's nature. Give it a high chance to proc so you can have flaming or electrified versions :-). Also, obviously slash damage. Maybe even a poison version


Speaking of poison....how about:


Silent poison darts

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Caltrops seems better as an ability, rather than a weapon. Throwing a fistful of them to a flying unit wouldn't exactly help. Kusarigama could probably be made into a whip-type weapon. If I didn't misinterpret it, Geoff dropped hints about adding in Nunchaku in the Reddit AMA.


Personally, I want crampons. Ideally puncture-based sparring type melee weapon, with added bonus to wallrun speed.


EDIT: And I forgot my most prominent thought when they introduced Kunai and Hikou: Where're the Bo-Shuriken for Impact?

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i just dont see how DE can do the kusari gama justice tho, the whip set animations wont do it justice, and the 'Mios' user submitted melee weapon contest winner seems like it will need its own unique animation set as well, but it's the only other melee i can see having anything in common with the kusari-gama

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