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Suggestion For Dojo, Practice Room.


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A simple room in the dojo, that isnt like the obstacle course, or the Arena PVP.

But just big room, at the size of them grand halls, just with out the pilars.. in parts of the room there can be different height Columns to practice jumps.

Some ledges to grab onto.

But in general a workout room, with a lot of free space, and very high under the ceiling.


This room allows you to practice melee combos, fire weapons and jump around as you would on a mission. But theres absolutely not possible to damage other players while in this room.


A room where you can practice your complex melee combos and special jumps.


I've been wanting this for a long time, and the obstacle course does not offer this, and the Arena PVP room is way to small.

I'm thinking a room much like the grand halls in the dojo, but with out the  support pillars.

Also i dont think the room should be too expensive.

Maybe lets say, 5000 Ferrite, 2000 Alloy, and 300 Rubedo, 

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We wait for this for months.


It's obviously not a priority.


Two rooms were mentioned as planned - free roam obstacle course and a "holo room" for summoning all kinds of enemies and testing all weapons/abilities in a closed environment.


Finally, three devstreams ago all saw it in action but it's just a developer tool for now  -_-


I'd like to test some weapons and frames that are not in my arsenal, even without modding (though I only miss a few including very meh Hydroid).

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Yeah i dont see why its not a priority.

I mean we're the best soldiers in the galaxy, and we dont have a "workout room / practice room".

If theres one thing that high on the list of things to do as a soldier, its both working out, and practice, and that never stops.

And its to bring a safe environment to test, and practice your special moves, and weapons before jumping into the frey.


Cant see how that doesnt have value.

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