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A Hikou Up My Sleeve... I Mean Card!


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With Limbo out and quickly becoming my Favorite frame, I wanted to pick a set of weapons that fit him best. Sadly I don't have the candy cane skin, but I will wait till it shows up in the future with held breath. 


What this is about is simple. I Want Limbo To Throw PLAYING CARDS At People! 


This skin can be either on the kunai, or throwing stars, but I think it will fit more on the Hikou and Hikou Prime since you have about 20 - 25 or so stars to throw at people.


Maybe I just want to turn my newest frame into a Dandy Man, but you have to admit Playing Cards would be an AWESOME skin for that weapon.  


Hope you all agree, and hope the creators of this amazing game see this.  

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