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Finishing Mars Boss But Not Getting Rewards



Hi guys, i'm fairly new to this game but i have had some friends helping me by ferrying me to locations to unlock things.


Recently they helped me get to the Mars boss fight and defeat him and get to extraction only to find that i hadn't received the rewards for killing vay hek. So no new nav segment, blueprint or resources earned during mission etc.  This happened 3 times.


We thought that maybe it was because i hadn't unlocked the fight and had just been ferried there. So today was spent unlocking all the nodes to the boss then fighting him again. Everything worked great until the boss fight and once again i killed Vay Hek and got to extraction only to find after the mission i haven't received the rewards for doing so and my nav map still shows that i haven't completed the mission.


I have sent a support ticket in but was wondering if any of you guys here have any clue why this is happening as i'm about ready to uninstall from disgust.


thanks for reading and would appreciate any help.

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