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Stalker Lost Its Sting (And Partly Other Assassins)


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Got killed by Stalker - of course he used the time I was running solo to show up - because I was too slow.


I hit Revive and ran on.


It wasn't the first time that I noticed - the Stalker has lost its sting. I just don't care if he kills me. It has no repercussion, its the same as if something else kills me.

That doesn't happen too often, so there are always enough revives for the stalker...


Its not much better with other asassins, but at least there ARE repercussions.

The Grustrak Three I am really scared of, but usually theit effect is gone after one minute of being back on the ship, but at least its something.

Zanuka itself is such a joke, that i never experienced the repercussion - but at least when it happens its different, I have to try it once and not forget to let myself be killed.


But Stalker? Click a button and move on...



Of course, If you are strong enough to put him down most of the time, you don't fear the Stalker. But at least when he gets you it should be something more of an effect than "click-move on"

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Imagine the Stalker showing up during a high-stakes Defense mission. With the way the Stalker is currently, you'd lose all of your hard work because you got one-shot.


Well, Stalker could just nuke pod with his Absorb.


You seem like it. 


Some people just don´t get sarcasm.


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As a Mastery 13.5 soloing Stalker is nearly impossible now...he debuffs everything and shows up when you have low gear on.  I got him 3x last night in 4 games and was leveling up some gear in Syndicate missions.


And whatever repercussion you want better not involve a timewall/grindwall/oxium to get rid of. 


I don't bother anymore. Just let him kill me and go on.




EDIT: Insta-failure or whatever is a no-no. -1 to that idea all day.

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