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Loading Issues And Crashing Issues


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actually can ask for a one issue to be fix? me and my girlfriend play have been playing WF together for about 3 months and she used to do load in fine with me, but after the hotfix to remove gate crash she has been having a issues with loading time. it first started with crashes and we couldnt even finish missions and every mission took 3 to 5 mins load time. we adjusted to it but once you guys added the archwing update and this recent hotfix i cant even connect to her game, To even do any void missions we have to do the process of her loading in first, which takes 5 to 8 mins and then she will invite me in just so i can invite the rest of the squad in which some of them take 3 to 5 minutes to load in. this process gets old and tiresome where if we do a T4 ext and she loads in and is ambushed right off the back well you can say we are not very happy at that moment, and you should hear what she says everytime this happens "xxxxxxx moa!!" her loading time is up to 8 mins now. she has done a clean install and is still having issues, she has 2 computers and WF does the same problems, and she has called her ISP and they added a new cable line and still the same issues, i was wondering is there anyway to fix these issues.

on a side not i been having issues not loading but crashing myself. I have crashed and lost alot of loot. i recently lost the corvus stock in a mission from being randomly booted. this isnt including the list of prime goods i have lost over these last 2 to 3 months.

i really hate to complain our whole clan loves this game and thinks that you guys have very good ideas but all the loading time issue, the crashing, and the lost of loot has become a major issue to where we are loosing members. we are only a clan the size of 30 and would like to increase our numbers to compete in solar rails but its hard to when we cant connect to half of our clan.

i hope you guys take time to read. cause we all just want to play WF .

thanks again

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