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New Duel Rooms


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In the same way the gardens have two different sizes, the duel room should have a larger counterpart as well.


Everyone already wants the return of the ability to decorate the duel rooms, but DE should also give us some decorations that work as separators or walls. These types of decorations could easily be used in the rest of the dojo to create artificial rooms within rooms or halls and they'd give great cover and force players to use more strategy when fighting in the duel rooms (if the architect knows what he/she is doing).


There could also be a large 4v4 room for clan members only or non customizable (to keep the conclave nodes active, barely as they are, but not completely unnecessary) with a limit of only 1 per dojo or it takes a lot of uncommon and rare resources to build (to keep the small and large duel rooms from becoming obsolete).


Edit: Duel room editing confirmed.

Edited by Joenorthrup
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