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Can't Use Mod Fusion To Upgrade Speed Trigger, Mod Appears Fuised After Restarting.


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Basically what the title says. i had two unranked Speed Triggers i was looking to fuse so i could eventually have a rank 4 to go under my maxed for personal preference. i had alot of lag, and then suddenly, i couldn't fuse them. it responded with "Reconfiguration could not be completed. Your account has not been charged. Please try again later." when i attempted it. just to be safe, i tried using fusion cores, and those didn't work either.


Then i decided to restart, and it appeared fused from my initial fusion attempt with the two Speed Triggers when i went to try and fuse it again. Happy bug smashing, DE. :)


EDIT: Good GRAVY, those typos I've made. >_<

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