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Napalm Invisible Aoe


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There is a nightmare alert on Mercury/Pantheon for Vigor going. The Napalms in this mission have more than three times the area of effect their visible representation would indicate. Their attacks also reach through walls and around corners.


In three attempts, two have failed because people were one-hit-killed by stepping into a lingering effect they could not see.

This is a bug.


If game mechanics shall not be touched, the graphical effect must be enlarged to fit the mechanical boundaries. If the mechanical effect pierces environment, so must the graphical effect.


... I find it questionable though, whether such a large blast radius is really desirable for something that may appear in groups of three and individually has a higher rate of fire than of effect expiration.




Probably affects other AoE enemies too, bombards come to mind; less noticeable there, as their damage effect does not linger.


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I am pretty sure napalms and bombards had a way to large radius of effect before. Maybe you only noticed it now because of the high damage or i am in the wrong and nightmare mission also have different effects on enemys like bigger aoe radius. In that case i am sorry.


However- the small graphical boom compared to the napalms and bombards area of effect is nothing new but it got lowered once. I still think it is to large and you clearly can't see enough visual details to make it seem realistic. Sure- you can go all realistic and say airpreassure ...but common. We need to know how big the explosion radius is. Not from expirience but from actually seeing how big it is.


EDIT: fixed a typo and some stuff i mixed up

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Napalms always had a stupidely large AOE  when their bombs hit a surface. It's been like that for as long as I can remember. Devs never touched it, despite the more than consequent number of players asking for a reasonable AOE instead of what we have now. Imbalance and broken scaling put together make them extremely deadly. I'd say get used to it unfortunately, since it doesn't seem likely that it's going to change anytime soon.^^'

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A similar thing had me file a false positive in Avalanche Offensive: The Corpus grenades had their AoE increased by a manifold, resulting in hits across the room (and again through walls and even the most massive environmental objects).

... At the time I assumed it was a bug with the grenade, but then tested "ordinary" Corpus, and their grenades were dodgeable alright.


If these issues are related, then it might be an unintentional scaling effect. Even if not, surely the graphical particle spread (without increasing the actual number of particles) can be scaled just as well?

- Should it then end up looking ridiculously stupid in a devstream, mayhap that will provide ample motivation to then decrease the AoE itself?

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