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Warframe Pc To Xb1 Account Migration Is Live!


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Transfer your PC account to Xbox One!


The time has come! Account migration is now open to Xbox One Players.


From now until Monday, November 17 at 2 PM EST, the Migrate Account option will allow you to create a copy of your existing PC account for use on the Xbox One version of Warframe.  


There are a few things you should know before you transfer your account:

- PC to Xbox One account migration creates a copy of your PC account and transfers it to your Xbox One account.  Once migrated, the two accounts act as separate accounts.

- Migration can only be performed once and can NOT be reversed. Be sure to use the correct Gamertag for the migration.

- All existing Xbox One account progress will be overwritten by your PC account.

- All Platinum and goods purchased on the Marketplace will be added to your new migrated account.

- Any items purchased in-game with Platinum on Xbox One will be overwritten and the Platinum returned to your new migrated account; items purchased with credits will be overwritten by your PC account

- No Platinum purchased on the PC version of Warframe will be transferred to the Xbox One copy.

- No Clan information from the PC is copied, all existing Xbox One Clan information remains untouched.

- Any items on PC that are not currently available on Xbox One will appear when the Xbox One is updated.

- If you have an existing Xbox One account, your Friends List will not be overwritten, but your PC Friends List will not copy over.

- Account sharing/selling is prohibited and if violated you risk having both accounts banned.

- Your PC account will remain unaffected and unchanged after migration.

- All PC Exclusive items and gear will remain exclusive to the PC and will NOT migrate to the Xbox One.

- This migration works only for PC to Xbox One, not PS4™ to Xbox One.


Select items that will NOT migrate with your account:

Arcane Helmets

Arcane Helmet Blueprints

Braton Vandal

Excalibur Prime (and his Avatars)

IAHGames Braton Skin

Lato Prime

Lato Vandal

Nvidia Braton Skin

Phased Vasto Skin

Phased AkVasto Skin

Phased Ankyros Skin

Phased Tigris Skin

Phased Asa Syandana

Phased Vauban Warframe Skin

Phased Vauban Warframe Helmet

Rixty/MOL Pay AkLato Skin

Rubedo Plated Drakgoon Skin

Rubedo Plated Galatine Skin

Rubedo Plated Rhino Skin

Rubedo Plated Rhino Helmet

Rubedo Plated Twin Vipers Skin

Rubedo Plated Viper Skin

Rubedo Plated Yamako Syandana

Skana Prime

Snipetron (and blueprints)

Snipetron Vandal


For full info and to migrate your account now, visit Account Management and click ‘Migrate Account’. 

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Today is a Monday
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welp, time to sell all arcaane helmets. I'll miiss you, arcane vanguard and vespa bros

You better spend the plat  you make from selling them before you migrate, because the plat won't transfer.


I missed out on the PS4 migration period. Will that return again soon? Really wanted an excuse to play on the PS4 again :)

From what I understand, there are no plans for do another migration to PS4.

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So if it's a copy.... does that mean what I have building in the Foundry will carry over being built on the X-Box One?

I don't think so, people after the PC to PS4 migration found that stuff building in the foundry was not there building after migration.

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I don't think so, people after the PC to PS4 migration found that stuff building in the foundry was not there building after migration.

Thanks for the heads up, I have two frames with a day left on the build. I would have been pissed. Appreciated, man.

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