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Hopli And Aegis - Spear And Shield Combination


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Alright, so I was listening to Taking Dawn's This Is Madness and it hit me:


we have a sword and shield, why not a sword and spear? We already have kinda lance-like weapons!


I really don't have much more to say that this suggestion: a new weapon that uses the shield half of Silverbone's FABULOUS concept but replaces the sword with a spear (I call the spear Hopli after the Hoplites of Greece) and I call the combination itself "Phalanx" (after the military formation most associated with shields and spears). This would probably need its own stance, since I doubt the moves associated with the current sword and board stance would work, so we'd need at least one new mod for them probably (though I may be wrong).


What do you think? Would you want to go all Spartan on the enemies of the Tenno?

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I want a spear on it's own first though :P (orthos doesn't count), but I like your idea 


Without doubt! Just imagine lancing through the air with directional air melee and just letting your own power carry you forward as you thrust you mighty spear forward through the air towards your enemies, fear dripping and quivering off of them as you-


Sorry, lost my train of thought there.

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I did think about spear&shield when brainstorming about more something&shield weapons. And I really like it! +1


Axe and shield would probably be a more logical next step - as it could probably use the same Stance settings as the current sword and board.



Sounds like a solid idea....Why not? LET'S GET SPEARS!


I like to use my lance a lot.

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I`m a fan of the spear weapon concept but you really would have some sick intuitive and remarkable outstanding aggressive ninja power stance to make a spear and shield work in usual warframe combat.

Spear and shield is a combination which has been used by humans for hundred of years but its a formation weapon.


(Hoplites and phalanx formation: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hoplite)


A single soldier with a spear is easily taken down because its a very huge and defensive weapon. Also the range advantage is the spears biggest weakness because the most easy and common method to beat a spear wielder is simply grab his weapon and make it useless.



This video shows how a single spearman can perform very well in ranged combat but is pretty soon screwed up if the enemy manages it to get closer .


By having a spear AND shield you could hold the spear in just one hand which would reduce the control you have , especially on the move. also it has to be a short spear because ...well...have you ever tried to run with a long stick in one hand? thats no good idea. If you would hold one long spear in two hands it would be fine . you would have enough control.(Remeber the video above)

A soldier marching doesnt need to worry about his spear.



they just point it up in the air. you cant do that in warframe since the ceiling of most maps like the corpus ships can be very low .

Also the shield is again..in combination with spears only useful in formations where the enemy attack can be led to one direction. Thats also not working in warframe. your spear stance would have a lot of swings -bashing attacks to cover a huge space and hit multiple opponents. A naginata would be a more fitting weapon for this but without the shield .


(Naginata: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naginata    also     


And again wielding it with two hands would give you more control.

I`m looking forward to see spears ingame but there is a lot -i mean a damn lot of problems to be thought about



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