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Clan Raid Idea


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So I had a thought for enhanced clan activities beyond the simple dojo experience.


In other games Raids are a way to expand the player reliance experience ranging from parties of 8 to as high as 24 players depending on the game and the mission difficulty. My idea is to limit these raids to clan activities with missions either in the Void or Derelicts and have them flow through mission types with increasing opponent levels the more missions are done before extraction.


So a mission might start as a spy mission that reveals an Orkin artifact that will need protected, finding the artifact will trigger a defense mission until it is collected after the set 5 waves. There could even be excavations that would run max of 3 excavators per "mission" before assigning a new mission but would pull up rare resources rather than Cryotic (Like Orkin Cells, Mutigen Samples or maybe even Oxium).


Similarly you would also be able to run multiple squads of up to 4 players per squad. Squads would then run parallel missions (so something like an exterminate mission would not exist in the raids since a survival mission where all the enemies have already been killed guarantees failure), meaning that a parallel defense and survival mission would require success on both missions where one squad is needed to keep the life support going while the other is responsible for protecting the artifact.


Also with multiple squad interaction there would be some cross over in squad benefits but not in all of them, Auras and team heals like Trinity's Blessing would only effect the squad, while a skill like Well of Life would allow a member of the other squad to gain Health by causing damage.


When running multiple squads the mission would wait until all missions were done before advancing. So a Survival with Excavation would need to survive at least 5 minutes AND finish have ran all the extractors before you can advance unto the next mission group, leaving it up to the raid leaders to decide how they want to attack the missions, all at once or prioritize and complete as they move through. Also if able to support up to 16 players (4 squads) in a single raid would mean 2-4 parallel missions that could be happening all at the same time.


Anyhow, this is just an idea of mine to make being a part of a clan even more involving and meaningful to the players. I'm sure that other players will have suggestions along this train of thought of mine that could enhance or change it to make it either more interesting or more practical for Warframe. I'd also love to hear the Dev teams feedback on their impressions of my above mentioned idea.

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