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Weapon Suggestions


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I would like to know what would be a good fully auto (spray) style primary weapon. Yes i know the gorgon and karak are good but in my opinion i dont  like them.


Also could somone suggestion good secondary weapons (if multiple please list from best to good)


Since this topic may seem boring i would like to take in your ideas on future weapons for warframe.


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primary or secondary?


The Buzlok is a primary weapon with two fire modes.



Standard mode, while shooting from the hip is full auto-trigger, decent damage and an awesome sound.


Aiming will switch to sniper mode, and to shooting tracker darts at a cost of 10 ammo/shot on a semi-auto trigger.


Tracker darts can be stuck to enemies and walls, and all bullets fired from the normal mode will home in on the target.




It has decent damage, and can be used to great effect with punch through, I highly recommend Shred. Place a tracker dart on a big enemy, then step back and mow through the crowd at point blank, with all the darts boomeranging around to annihilate the tagged target.

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