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No Mission Rewards After Killing Lephantis


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Killed lephantis solo, using an oberon warframe.


On 1st run, received nekros chassis blueprint.


On next 3 successful kills, did not receive any nekros bps.  Also, picked up mods like eleventh storm (which showed in end of mission screen) but they weren't in my inventory after the mission.


After killing lephantis on last 3 runs, immediately after the end of mission briefing, the screen showed the oberon warframe standing in a dark red lit area. 


The background appeared to be the area where you fight the 2nd phase of lephantis battle.  This was onscreen for approximately 2-3 seconds. Then the loading screen appeared (ship flying) and the end of mission screen back in liset appeared.


The eleventh storm mod appeared on both end of mission screens, but wasn't in inventory after mission.

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