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Best Sentinel Gun?



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The poison dart gun on the Djinn is pretty decent, but I personally think the Sweeper is the best Sentinel gun, period. I've forma'd that thing twice, it's a beast.

Sweeper works quite good Dethcube/Wyrm/prime funnily enough :P and gotta agree, its just amazing


prime laser rifle.....cos it's prime...THE END XD 

Yus :3

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I'm a fan of the Sweeper, if only because I don't need a new set of mods to use it (as I primarily use rifles). Can be built for an awesome status rate as well; Viral/Rad/Stagger procs all the way! That way it's not making kills, and I still get the affinity when I finish the guy off.


Deconstructor works in a similar fashion, but the slash proc isn't as great for CC as the Sweeper's stagger.

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Sweeper for most situations, it has good damage, status chance, and uses shotgun mods.


Switch to the machine gun or poison dart if you use shotguns (although shotgun mods are pretty easy to get/max, so you could just get 2x of each)

Djnn (60m att range) with a machine gun or poison dart is pretty decent if you're looking for a long range sentinel.

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why no one talks abt deconstructor (helios wep), it's pretty good imo -_-

There are some nasty delays between firing, and not everyone wants to use Helios since his ability has virtually no combat potential. But I agree; Deconstructor is definitely an absolute beast of a sentinel weapon; each shot can score several headshots on moderately-spaced enemies.

If you go Excal and let Helios attack while enemies are blinded (since sentinels don't do anything while you're invisible, IIRC), then the quadruple damage makes Deconstructor arguably the hardest-hitting sentinel weapon in the game.

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