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Mod Looted/equiped Not Showing Up In Mod List(Modding)


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Recently I got some good mod drops. when I went to rank them up they didn't show up. BUT I can equip them trough my arsenal.


Ex: Eleventh storm.


I looted it, equipped it. pressed the mod option on the bottom right corner to level it up and it didn't show up in the equipped mods. Strange? I then went to the modding list and it wasn't there ether.

Same think with a bunch of mods such as Narrow minded, Virulent scourge, Spoiled strike, hammer shot, malignant force.



I know that the issue isn't because I picked them up recently, it's been a while that I have Virulent scourge, hammer shot and malignant force. the issue seems to come ether from that mod button in the arsenal or the installed mods filter messing up my mod list.


I want to add pictures but idk how lol

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