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Dungeon Fighter Online Is Coming Back, By The Original Developers!


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That's right folks. Dungeon Fighter Online is coming back, in a GLOBAL Release, with NO IP blocks for ANY Countries.

You can thank Neople for telling Nexon NA (North America) and Nexon EU (Europe) that they no longer have the reins for the game outside of Korea, China and Japan for shutting the game down.




So, "HOW DID DFO GET SHUT DOWN!?", is probably your first question. i'll give you a history listen that's in detail.


Nexon America wouldn't update the game for several months, being more interested in making advertisements for Maple Story and Mabinogi. they shut it down, falsely claiming "A lack of player support" when players were still plentiful in the game. a secondary issue was their terrible hacking prevention technology, which is basically non-existent. Hackers easily destroyed the economy and helped kill the game, which Nexon NA completely ignored.


Nexon EUROPE, had the same hacker issue, but the reason they shut it down? Ohohoh, it's even better. Most countries in Europe were IP Blocked from being able to play the game, leaving only a select few able to play it. Nexon EU shut the game down because they weren't bringing in enough money.


Now, this history lesson aside, Nexon KR (Korea) Has an excellent track record. however, Neople is taking it upon themselves to develop the global release themselves instead of having Nexon NA or Nexon EU publish it again and develop it for them.


https://www.facebook.com/dfoglobal - DFO Facebook page. they keep in constant contact with their fans and give us news every week. it is CONFIRMED that they are still working on the game, and it is CONFIRMED, that it will be ready for a Closed Beta Test by March 2015. Come pon over and board a Hype Train that's capable of breaking past the light barrier. We're already flying off the rails.

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