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Resolutions Over 4K

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I tried to Downsample from 5120x2880 on my 1440p monitor via nvidia DSR. (Effective 4X SSAA)


Sadly, if I try to select any resolution over 4096x****, or even try resize it in windowed mode over the mentioned 4096 horizontal pixels, the game will only give me a black screen until i reduce the width again.


Is there any possibility to run the game at a higher res?



GTX 780 Ti, latest drivers, Windows 7, 64Bit DX11

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I have the same problem, and any resolutions above 1080p mess with the UI (incorrect placement of start chart popups, etc).

That being said, the resolution of the textures in Warframe is pretty bad, so I would only recommend going with your native resolution anyways.

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