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Update 15.1.0+15.1.01

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  • Added new Finisher animations towards Hysteria.




  • Changed position for Ability index into the Arsenal UI for easier use and clarity.




You forgot this Rebecca!

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  • Fixed Burst weapons fire rate being frame-rate dependent (Semi-automatic weapon fix to come!).


If that actually works, then this is the best change of the whole patch and shouldn't be hidden in that wall of text. :)

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  • Added many Archwing mods into the Archwing Interception Mission Reward pool.


Reason to continue doing Archwing Interceptions! (So maybe I can actually get something that'll let me take on Uranus.) (That didn't sound as bad in my head... >_>' )




Heavy Melee Weapon Changes:


Wee! :3

Happy slappy time.

Will definitely give this a spin. :D




Archwing Mod changes:


Energy Inversion.


  • Changed from Max +20% Shield Capacity to Max +80% Shield Capacity.


Energy Amplifier.


  • Changed from Max +6% Power Range to Max +60% Power Range.


I honestly think that's the wrong way to go about it.

Better, in my opinion ofc, would be to reduce Warframe mods to that level.

But I'm fighting a losing battle on that one, aren't I? -_-

Welp, at least Transient Fortitude is in that baseball park.



  • Perhaps certain minibosses now have a chance to drop a Sigil….

Not sure if excited.jpg



  • Altered the Arbiters of Hexis sacrifice to be the Prime Bo Handle.

Holy boop. o.o

What was it before? o.0




  • Optimized <much snip>

Go go DE! :D





  • Changed brightness in the Visual effect of Limbo’s Rift.

Awesome. Hope that'll help. :)





  • Slightly tweaked Foundry usability: when choosing to build an item in the foundry, the foundry will try to instantly return to the item being built, instead of scrolling down the list.
  • Changed Calculation method of 2 Syndicate Augment mods:
    • Shattering Justice (Sobek Mod) changed to max +20 Additive to base Status Chance.
    • Entropy Burst (Supra Mod) changed to max +20 Additive to base Status Chance.







  • Fixed Syndicate Assassins joining as allies if you're supporting their faction on an Invasion node.

lol. That's a pretty awesome bug.

Sorry I missed it XD





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Wait, did you guys forget about Scythes? Unless they got stealth-buffed as well, they're basically light melee weapons that have literally every downside of heavy melee weapons at the moment.

That aside... holy hell, I am looking forward to playing this. Thanks DE!

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So no option to "turn off the new disintegrating enemies animation that KILLS 90% of the Warframe communities FPS". 


No offense DE, but we need this option. I held a steady 60FPS on a 650TI Boost 2GB card before that animation update. Now when enemies die and drop to 32 and sometimes 16FPS


We don't have superpowered rigs like you guys do at the DE office with 4 SLI'ed GTX Titans sitting in our PC's. We need the option to turn this OFF


Thanks for the other fixes however.

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