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Update 15.1.0+15.1.01

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Highlighted Fix:


Fixed Windows XP systems not being able to play Warframe.





  • Added an option to preview Syndicate Sigils on your Warframe.
  • Founders Sigils are here and will be given to eligible accounts via script, we will update this line when the script is complete. Almost done, stand by to receive!
  • Added new Mastery Tests for Rank 15>16, 16>17 and 17>18!
  • Added many Archwing mods into the Archwing Interception Mission Reward pool.


Heavy Melee Weapon Changes:



  • Base damage increased to 100 (up from 45)
  • Status chance increased to 15% (up from 10%)
  • Critical Chance increased to 15% (up from 7.5%)



  • Base damage increased to 125 (up from 45)


Scindo Prime

  • Base damage increased to 130 (up from 85)
  • Critical Chance increased to 20% (up from 5%)
  • Critical Multiplier increased to x2 (up from x1.5)

Jat Kittag

  • Base damage increased to 130 (up from 80)
  • Increased ragdoll effect on enemies.
  • Critical Chance increased to 15% (up from 5%)
  • Critical Multiplier increased to x2 (up from x1.5)



  • Base damage increased to 80 (up from 50)
  • Increased ragdoll effect on enemies.
  • Critical Chance increased to 20% (up from 12%)
  • Attack speed slightly decreased.



  • Based damage increased to 115 (up from 55)
  • Significantly increased ragdoll effect on enemies.



  • Base damage increased to 100 (up from 55)
  • Critical chance increased to 15% (up from 10%)
  • Increased ragdoll effect on enemies.


Archwing Mod changes:


Energy Inversion.


  • Changed from Max +20% Shield Capacity to Max +80% Shield Capacity.


Energy Amplifier.


  • Changed from Max +6% Power Range to Max +60% Power Range.


Stalker/Miniboss Changes:


  • Stalker will now activate lockdown when he Spawns.
  • All minibosses will now be targeted less frequently by other enemies in a given mission.  
  • Better spawning logic and placement for all miniboss type enemies.
  • Perhaps certain minibosses now have a chance to drop a Sigil….




  • Changed the way Melee Channeling colours are generated to restore brightness to those with brighter customized selections (https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/336159-warframe-melee-channeling-effect-back-to-dull-colors/)
  • Optimized code to address out of memory issues on 32 bit systems.
  • Optimized visual effects to save memory.
  • Altered the Arbiters of Hexis sacrifice to be the Prime Bo Handle.
  • Altered Nova's Wormhole ability sound effects to now only be audible when in the proper proximity.
  • Improved controller compatibility with the Syndicates UI.
  • Increased the resolution of the New Loka Sigil.
  • Removed redundant textures, tuned sound and texture defaults for better performance and faster load times.
  • Removed the Update 14 Option on Login to choose between story/tutorial or instant Liset mode. If you haven’t logged in since before Update 14, you’ll be required to complete the tutorial.
  • Added the option to have the minimap expanded or collapsed upon entering a mission. This is option can be selected in the Options Menu.
  • Increased the health of Syndicate Eximus teams.
  • Changed the Sacrifice item for the fourth title in the Arbiters of Hexis Syndicate.
  • Changed status chance on Dual Stat Mods to be displayed as a base status chance for clarity.
  • Capture targets less susceptible to knockdown and stagger locking.
  • Changed the cinematic intro to the Exterminate Mastery Rank test to be cleaner.
  • Changed brightness in the Visual effect of Limbo’s Rift.
  • Regular attack drones and corrupted drones now play proper explosion sound, not space explosions.
  • Slightly tweaked Foundry usability: when choosing to build an item in the foundry, the foundry will try to instantly return to the item being built, instead of scrolling down the list.
  • Changed Calculation method of 2 Syndicate Augment mods:
    • Shattering Justice (Sobek Mod) changed to max +20 Additive to base Status Chance.
    • Entropy Burst (Supra Mod) changed to max +20 Additive to base Status Chance.




  • Fixed Windows XP systems not being able to play Warframe.
  • Fixed Captain Vor not firing his Void Key Laser Beam in the Tutorial.  
  • Fixed an issue with Syndicate messages not appearing properly in different languages.
  • Fixed Syndicate Assassins joining as allies if you're supporting their faction on an Invasion node.
  • Fixed an issue with Archwing components not appearing in the Archwing tab of the Foundry.
  • Fixed Ragdoll death effects causing performance drops.
  • Fixed the Liset being semi-invisible during the first Archwing Mission end cinematic.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect stats being displayed on the Profile page.
  • Fixed a loss of functionality that could be encountered while opening the View Mission Progress window during the tutorial.
  • Fixed an issue with performing a directional air melee attack right before landing, would cause the player's weapon to remain holstered while firing.
  • Fixed an issue with the End of Mission results screen title becoming incorrectly swapped if the player clicks on the Syndicate Title.
  • Fixed an issue with Sentinel Stats not appearing correctly in the end of mission stats if the Sentinel is dead.
  • Fixed an issue with ‘Power in Use’ occurring on Limbo’s Banish when used on certain enemies (Grineer Rollers).
  • Fixed various map holes across multiple tilesets.
  • Fixed a random black barrier blocking the objective room in Archwing Sabotage missions.
  • Fixed only seeing Fusion Cores when prompting the Mod Inventory screen.
  • Fixed PBR error that caused black textures to appear on Liset and star map.
  • Fixed Grineer Archwing enemies not playing movement sounds for clients.
  • Fixed an issue with expanded minimaps being reverted to a small state after hacking minigames.
  • Fixed an issue with Aura Polarity slots being swappable with Mod slots.
  • Fixed Event Nodes not automatically being chosen after selecting it in the World State Panel.
  • Fixed Burst weapons fire rate being frame-rate dependent (Semi-automatic weapon fix to come!).
  • Fixed in-game Market packages not being purchasable.
  • Fixed Grineer Archwing enemies not playing movements sounds for clients.
  • Fixed Codex Quest info appearing in a wrong location after attempting to scroll within the text box.
  • Fixed the in-game Market not showing the price of items if you've already purchased them.
  • Fixed receiving an error when attempting to navigate through the Syndicate banners with a controller.
  • Fixed being able to navigate away from a selected Syndicate banner when you're viewing their detailed info panel.
  • Fixed an ice chunk texture colliding with the crashed Corpus ship.
  • Fixed being able to select an already selected Syndicate banner.
  • Fixed the Dark Sector Status Menu displaying 12 Mod slots.
  • Fixed the Dark Sector Status Menu only displaying progress towards Mods placed in the Aura/Stance/bottom right slot.
  • Fixed absent End of Mission results screen for Dark Sector missions.
  • Fixed overlapping text in the mission info panel.
  • Fixed activating a hack panel while sliding, causing you to keep sliding past the screen.
  • Fixed absent Archwing movement/flight sounds upon joining a mission.
  • Fixed the Archwing button in Arsenal overlapping Chat Box when displayed in Spanish.
  • Fixed issues with minimap waypoint generation in trench runs.
  • Fixed Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors clones not animating if you are using a different frames Animation Stance.
  • Fixed the 'Search' text in the search box not being removed when attempting to type.
  • Fixed issues with Crewman in Bastille not being affected by headshots with the Opticor (https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/335385-opticor-bastille-vs-corpus-cant-headshot/)
  • Fixed an issue with Syndicat Sigils appearing as tradeable in the Dojo.
  • Fixed an issue where purchasing things in the Arsenal and loading into a mission will not save any of the changes made after the purchase.
  • Fixed an issue with Arcane Helmet descriptions not showing in the Arsenal.
  • Fixed a UI issue on the reward screen in Defense missions which would not show any rewards to players if a Host Migration occurred.  
  • Fixed an issue where Rank-Up test messages would continuously appear even after declining.
  • Fixed broken UI and overlapping text when pausing during the End of Mission screen.
  • Fixed an issue with the Opticor not having a listed Trigger type.
  • Fixed multiple crashes and gameplay freezes.


Host migration is a real pest for gamers... Glad that ithe issuer is nearly solved .

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Apparently I can't update.


Update failed!


Could not update file:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Warframe\Warframe.x64.exe


The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process. [0x00000020]

Happened to me once.
See if C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Warframe\Tools\RemoteCrashSender.exe is running in task manager.
If yes, just kill this process. The CrashSender is hanging and is preventing all others warframe processes to start.
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So... I still can't preview sigils. It stay's fixated on my head and I can see the tip of the sigil that I am currently wearing.


EDIT: It seems it's only when I'm using Limbo as my warframe.

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Finally heavy weapons aren't used for whirlwind animations alone, leaving berserker-coptering to be the only practical dps. Although I would rather see heavy weapons with at least fixed grounding: if they don't propell you, they at least shouldn't ground you, removing all purpose from jump slide attacks..

Then again, what about sissy Nikana fans? With most heavy weapons sporting 100+ base damage and better crit, how can Nikana's 85 damage compete?
Furthermore, if heavy weapons now hit like Lephantis, berserk-copter is still the way to go for practical dps - what about non-copterable light weapons?
Venka? Ankyros Prime? ... maybe some more, can't remember.
Will these weapons be absolutely obsolete?

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  • Fixed an issue with Aura Polarity slots being swappable with Mod slots.


I had just formad a slot to D on Volt and switched a - into his aura ten minutes before the update. I'm nervous to see how you sleeked me, DE.


Also, even on max settings the sky boxes have been a pixelated disgrace for too long now. Please revert them to their former glory!


EDIT: My Volt is exactly how I left him before the update, I can't believe you didn't sleek me, DE!

Edited by red29A
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Good job on all the fixes guys. I hope that the XP issue is resolved for those who were having issues.


A little sad there is no mention of the currently FPS breaking death animations being fixed yet. Looking forward to having that dealt with in the near future.

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I highly doubt it's the cause of PhysX. That would be a NVidia issue, and there isn't a NVidia issue. It's ever since the animation update of when enemies die and "de-res". It needs to be either removed from the game or an option to turn it off. 

I changed particle effects in display options to Low and it seemed to get rid of it. There are still some enemies that disintegrate but for the most part it's gone. Should try and see if that helps.

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