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Update 15.1.0+15.1.01

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I was really hoping and expecting it would say replaced. There's no reason we should be getting any other kinds of mods from archwing interception reward tables other than archwing specific mods.


Holy Carp! Like, as in the fish!


Scindo Prime is now more powerful than a Dragon Nikana. I'm very happily surprised, can't wait to try it out.

scindo prime was always more powerful than D.nikana

now it's even better

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Just did an archwing mission on neptune. New bugs introduced:


1) Goal waypoint marker not showing up for core location at all.

2) Invisible wall blocking way forward in some T-junction  (got around it by slipping through a jet flame and coming around the invisible wall from the other side ?!?!?!?!?!

3) end of mission waypoint not marked

4) not possible to have 2 players on the end-of-mission waypoint at the same time, preventing mission success (i aborted the mission so the other player could keep his/her mods... hopefully that worked out for them)


edit: other bug introduced in 15.0, drives my nuts:


i like minimap in the off-right screen center rather than the upper left corner. multiple times per mission the minimap setting will randomly switch back to top left. ARRGGGH!!!!!


edit: is this the right place to post bugs?

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Transmutation is bugged.


After confirming the transmutation, the screen blacks out (as it should) but Mod image doesn't appear, and there's the "OK" button that doesn't work as well.


Only Alt+F4 works at that point.

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Okay, now Gilded Truth actually works and gives burston prime speed buff. PROBLEM - the sound guy overdid it with the Truth "build-up sound" and its horrible "PRFFFFFFFFFFTH" sounds louder than everything on the battlefield and still audible on the lowest volume. Its PAINFUL and i dont wanna use this thing anymore, Please, tone it down or give me an option to do so.

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Can we please get some separate bindings for archwing boost? I know I would like to have it be different from sprint as it really isn't feasible to press shift and ctrl at the same time. Also, another note, can we get around to adding a separate button for the archwing slide? It still isn't possible to descend while boosting. 

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Where did the sugatras go ?

None of my melee has it after the update....

Investigating this now!


We also need a fix for the particle effect upon enemy death, it kills our FPS horribad. 


A fix for that was included in this Hotfix:

  • Fixed Ragdoll death effects causing performance drops.

Are you still experiencing performance drops?

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