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One Life Only Bug


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So I have experienced this bug now 3 times since the hotfix/update (15.1.0) came out, I have max revives but whenever I die and hit the revived button I get a big ol' mission failed screen and sent out the mission. 

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Same here. With infuriating implications as I was solo-ing to get Elytron, I was on wave 4, dominating, got one shot by a missile, and got mission failed even though I had full revives. 


Curiously, I lost everything I earned throughout the run, even the battle xp, which normally you keep even upon failure.


EDIT: When I look at my "Last Mission Results" I can see that I earned enough xp to level my Corvas up to 6



Yet, when I actually look in my arsenal, it's still Unranked, like it was when I entered the mission that I "failed"


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