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Some bugs i found


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in the game all classes can climb or jump thru the windows like in the video


if the window goes to the outside of the map u will start falling for ever. when that happened i alt tabed out of the game to turn on fraps and record that. when i came back to game i was dead and my team mates already finished the map, so i pressed revive and went to the extraction point. one of the ships were already gone and i couldnt finish the mission so i had to abort it.

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Wow lol i've never tryed to jump out of the windows before because I was thinking I was just gonna hit glass haha guessing they didn't add the old invisable wall to that window

speaking of falling out of the map you know the vents at the top of some maps that are ment to lead into another map but some maps don't have the otherside of the vent... yeah you can jump into them and get ontop of the map and also jump out of and keep falling to your doom.

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