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I Lost Some Rare Mods On Archwing Interception Because Of A Bug.


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well,this may not be the most appropriate section to post this,but I will do post it anyway,

so,was doing Archwing Interception with friends to test the new "archwing mods as wave rewards"

we got 1 rare,1 common from the wave rewards and 1 uncommon from drops,

then when we got to wave 8 "extract or battle" screen,2 were leaving and me and my friend chose battle,

problem is,that my friend got disconnected and returned to the liset with all the mods,while I got host-migrated Twice,then got a horrible bug that made me unable to move for a few seconds,then the game crashed

and i lost all  my mods.

other than this,i would like to know how to get the .War file so i can send it to support.


also got this pic,before the disaster happened

(for clarity: the mods are respectively

common-Tempered Blade,

uncommon-Modified Munitions

Rare- Morphic Transformer

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